10 Reasons Why Hiring A Real Estate Transactions Attorney

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A real estate attorney is required to review the real estate transaction’s purchase agreement in Illinois. But contract review is not the only reason you should hire a real estate lawyer when selling your home.

Here are ten reasons why hiring a real estate attorney is valuable to a home seller:

1. Contract Drafting contract draft

Every real estate selling transaction is dependent on a contract called a real estate purchase agreement. As with any contract, a real estate purchase agreement is a binding document with legal repercussions for both parties. As your real estate lawyer, we will draft a real estate purchase agreement that is valid, accurate, and represent your best interest.

2. Contract Review contract reviewed

As noted above, real estate purchase agreements have severe implications for both the selling and buying parties. As your real estate attorney, we would consistently conduct a contract review every negotiated term to ensure that the contract remains valid, authentic, and expresses your best interest.

3. Contract Tracking contract tracking

Real estate transactions may require parties to go back and forth regarding the contract’s terms. Having a reliable real estate representative can help you track the real estate purchase agreement terms to stay consistently proper and precise throughout the negotiation process.

4. Administrative Tracking admin tracking

Real estate transactions are generally under time constraints, especially when banks are involved. As your real estate attorney, we will keep track of the administrative process by coordinating with all the parties to elevate any issues that may arise.

5. Scheduling Closing Scheduling

Related to the administrative task of keeping track of the process. Our team will also coordinate with all key parties to schedule the transaction’s closing date.

6. Legal Title Search Review Title searching

Generally, the buyer and their representative, whether their lawyer or a title search company they had retained, will conduct a legal title search during a real estate transaction process. However, a real estate lawyer for a home seller can provide value if an issue arises during the title search. As your real estate lawyer, we will review any problem found during the title search and advise you on any action you may have to take to resolve it or negotiate with the other party based on the information found in the title search.

7. Legal Advice advise

As with any legal transaction, real estate transactions are full of legal jargon that has severe implications once a party has signed the purchase agreement. Issues may also arise after the contract has been signed. As your real estate lawyers, we will help you navigate the legalities of the real estate purchase agreement before and after both parties have signed it. We will provide legal advice to empower you to make the best legally sound decision you may take throughout the real estate transaction operation.

8. Negotiation Management negotiation

As both buyers enter a contract, each party can review and negotiate each term of the document. By having us as your legal representation, we will effectively negotiate the terms of the real estate purchase agreement to reflect your interest.

9. Real Estate Closing Representation legal representation

Real estate closing is when all parties formally meet to sign all the necessary documents. Having a real estate lawyer by your side during the real estate closing can be valuable as they can double-check that every document you sign is correct and valid. We will also help manage the closing transaction to ensure that all the right payments are made to the correct parties. Moreover, we can represent and sign on your behalf during the real estate closing if you are not physically able to do so.

>10. Cost-Effectiveness cost effective

Issues that may arise during the contract phase of the real estate transaction may cause a delay in the closing, allow the transaction to fall through, or even result in litigation pursued by the other party. Any of these, unfortunately, consequences are costly and time-consuming. These expensive contract issues may have been avoidable by having a reputable real estate lawyer by your side.

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