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Things that make Chicago one of the most famous cities in the world are its suburban pockets and its metropolitan spark. This attracts most of the people, especially business people from all around the globe. Therefore real estate in Chicago is in high demand, and such transactions need to be handled with care. So make sure you are ready for any complications in your real estate case by teaming with a seasoned legal counsel, such as a Chicago real estate attorney.

We understand one of the most significant financial transactions occurring nowadays is commercial and residential real estate transactions. They are entered into both by individuals and businesses due to their extensive and large-scale operations. Because of this reason, many serious problems occur during and after the process. Therefore to reduce such monetary damages, these problems should be carefully handled by experienced real estate attorneys.


At Shawn Bolger Ltd, we handle various real estate and property cases involving the purchase, rent, and sale of properties, negotiation of the terms of the lease agreement, transfer of title, matters involving insurance claims, and many more. Even when it comes to handling big real estate project situations, we are the ones to be relied upon by many Chicago business owners.


At Shawn Bolger Ltd, our seasoned Chicago real estate attorneys will assist you in real estate ventures throughout the process. Call now at 847-584-1800 for immediate Free Consultation.


Matters where you should seek the help of our Real estate attorneys

We serve our clients in a wide variety of real estate practices, including but not limited to:


  1. (*)Rental increase- Increase in rent is another issue or challenge faced by people who might need help from an experienced Chicago real estate attorney who can prevent it from happening. If a person has rented space in a shopping center, then the rent of that space is ideal to begin once income levels have been made as provided in the provisions of the lease agreement. 
  2. (*) At this time our law firm is not providing these services.


  3. (*)Tenant improvement- Negotiating tenant improvements is a complex situation that requires the help of an experienced real estate attorney. In case the landlord does not complete the progress to meet the needs of the tenant without any upfront money from the tenant, then a situation might arise where negotiation is essential for otherwise cases. 
  4. (*) At this time our law firm is not providing these services.


  5. Construction defects- If there arises any issue with relation to a newly constructed property or renovated one that could lead to the construction defect, then our law firm is there to help you out in such situations.

  7. Contractual transactions- Most critical part of the transaction is the contract binding you and the other party, and we can help you with that through our legal backgrounds.

  9. Real estate closing- Whether you are a buyerseller, or renter, you can count on us as we are highly experienced in all the steps of real estate transactions.

  11. Mortgage transactions- Foreclosure will be the only option left when default with the mortgage payments, and to make this process smooth, you can reach out to us.


What do you get at Shawn Bolger Ltd, and who can approach us?

Shawn Bolger Ltd helps buyers, sellers, or renters in the Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding cities to buy, sell or rent property in Chicago and surrounding areas. All the real estate related needs are taken care of by us fellow Chicagoans for over 30 years. Whether you are a new real estate seller, buyer or a renter, or experienced one, you'll definitely need expert advice to help you with understanding the complexities of the properties in the Chicago area. Our real estate attorneys, being experienced for over 30 years in properties of Chicago, will help you better serve all your needs. Our team is fully equipped to help you with all the aspects of properties in Chicago and nearby areas.


We would advise you all the concerned buyers, sellers, or renters out there shall seek our experienced legal assistance pertaining to real estate ventures, and solving all the related problems too with a free consultation.


In today's modern time, real estate law has become a very complex topic. Further, the law varies extensively from one state and city to another. At Shawn Bolger Ltd, we have a team of 30 years of experience as real estate lawyers with expertise in the Chicago real estate regulations. We, as attorneys, will help you from a simple transfer of title to a complex domain issue.


Attorney Shawn Bolger 

A Chicago-based seasoned real estate Attorney Shawn Bolgerhas been licensed for 34 years and takes immense pride in helping her clients make sound real estate decisions. She takes her role seriously; and knows her clients' financial futures rely greatly in part on her ability to advise them well and catch any loopholes hidden within any real estate deal. Ms. Bolger believes in genuinely listening to her clients and successfully maintains positive relationships with them over many years.


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Seeking legal help in buying, selling, or renting properties in Chicago and surrounding areas has become a difficult job nowadays. But not to worry, we at Shawn Bolger Ltd help you make the right decision and save you a thousand dollars by not investing in 'not so worthy' legal help. We help you to get in touch with our best and experienced real estate attorneys in Chicago. Our team will lend you support in every aspect of real estate in Chicago and surrounding areas.


Shawn Bolger Ltd represents buyers and sellers in their residential real estate transactions. If you are in need of real estate law counsel in the greater Chicago metro area, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a trustworthy attorney.

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