Why a Chicago landlord attorney may be necessary? There are few financial transactions that can match the legal complexities inherent within the sale or purchase of a residential real estate in the greater Chicago area. And within those real estate complexities can be found even more legal weeds to get tangled in when choosing to rent or lease commercial or residential property. That is why current or potential landlords need our expertise in real estate law at Shawn Bolger Ltd. Quite simply when landlords need legal advice in Chicago real estate, Shawn Bolger Ltd. is ready to serve and help.

Attorneys at Shawn Bolger Ltd. have decades of educational and practical courtroom experience on hand specifically for representing and assisting landlords with every legal challenge real estate leasing and renting can produce. Our team of legal professionals is fully trained and equipped to prepare potential landlords with expert advice and instruction on handling difficult transactional issues such as delinquent rental collection and properly navigating the troubling waters of tenant evictions.

Another challenge landowners often experience is ensuring their properties are in compliance with Chicago’s building code guidelines. Shawn Bolger’s team of legal experts can assist and provide knowledgeable advice in Chicago’s building codes, guiding landowners at every stage of their real estate venture. In the event of any building code violations, Shawn Bolger’s team is fully equipped to represent their clients at every level of the process.

How Can A Shawn Bolger Landlord Attorney Help?

When preparing leasing and rental agreements, attorneys at Shawn Bolger Ltd, rely on a wealth of experience in preparing contracts at every level of legal complexity. Moreover, attorney Shawn Bolger's top priority is to advise and represent her clients in all areas of real estate law, especially when owners face legal challenges that arise when leasing or renting residential properties, including but not limited to:

  • Violations of City of Chicago Building Codes
  • Property Management
  • Early Lease Termination
  • Breach of Lease or Rental Contracts
  • Housing Discrimination Claims
  • Security Deposit Disputes

 An unfortunate reality of leasing or renting residential property is the possibility of having to file or be served lawsuit paperwork for various reasons. Shawn Bolger Ltd can fully represent landlords and their interests in any and all lawsuit cases. Regardless of the issue or challenge, individuals leasing or renting residential real estate properties are in the very best hands with Shawn Bolger’s competence in the real estate legal field.

What Shawn Bolger Ltd Offers To Landlords

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or renting real estate properties in the greater Chicago area, Shawn Bolger has well over thirty years of experience as a real estate attorney. Her ability and real estate legal knowledge are at your fingertips.

Visit us online at https://shawnmbolgerlaw.com/, stop by our office at 1000 Jorie Blvd in Oak Brook, or simply call Shawn Bolger Law Firm at 855-316-8045 for your free, no-risk consultation. Whatever your real estate needs in the greater Chicago area, let Shawn Bolger’s team of legal real estate experts go to work for you.

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