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Whether you’re looking for a legal representative as an individual or as a company to acquire or lease a commercial property, something that we can predict for sure is that you’re going to need the advice and expertise of Commercial Real Estate Attorneys who not only know the intricate details of property law, but are sure to keep your interest in mind when handling any and all issues when it comes to:


  • Representing you as a developer embarking on a new construction project.
  • Represent you as a commercial property owner who wishes to lease space to a tenant
  • Representing your company that seeks to lease a commercial space from the owners


Over thirty years of our experience is ready at your disposal, from preparing the real estate contracts required, to advise you on all of the property inspection services that are required. Commercial real estate attorneys are here to represent you, to handle the variety of tasks that are included within any property transaction, in order to make the process as easy as possible. Our attorneys will manage all of the real estate legal issues, handle any negotiations for you, and set up all of the property management contracts, to name a few of our services.


Assertive Real Estate Negotiation Through the Legal Practice of Our Lawyers

Our real estate practice strives to encompass customer-centric qualities beyond experience and in-depth knowledge - if there’s one thing you can put your trust in, it’s that our attorneys will be reliable, honest, and driven to work towards the best possible outcome and enjoyable experience. We aim to take the complications out of real estate transactions and make them both easy and agreeable.


Any purchase or sale transactions, any property management or leasing, will require at least some assistance from a commercial real estate attorney - and it’s our team that will nail down each detail of these transactions to not only get them right but have our clients beyond satisfied with the outcome. Any contracts will require the diligence of a knowledgeable attorney, whilst negotiations will need assertive individuals to strive towards perfection. These qualities are at the heart of Shawn Bolger Ltd, and make our real estate law firm stand out from the rest.


It’s no secret that the road towards a successful transaction - purchase, selling, or maybe leasing - is often going to have twists and turns, which is exactly what we’re here for. Our team of commercial real estate attorneys has all the tools are their disposal and will be thorough with you at every step of the journey, even if the process turns out to be longer than initially predicted. At the core of our team is a client-centered attitude, which is the leading quality in our work.


We specialize in property, making our experience necessary and valuable to handling any transactions successfully. A dedicated and successful real estate team is just a call away - don’t hesitate to contact us.



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