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Although some people may not seek the assistance of a real estate attorney while purchasing real estate, it is highly recommended to do so. Even with the help of the internet, you will find it very difficult to understand the complicated documents and paperwork associated with completing a real estate transaction. Having an experienced real estate legal professional by your side to help you understand the nuances and complexities of such transactions is extremely helpful. The legal team at Shawn Bolger Ltd is prepared to offer you the assistance and confidence you need to feel secure in your real estate purchase.


    The Numerous Benefits Of Retaining A Real Estate Lawyer

    While real estate agents and brokers are typically paid on commission, Illinois state law does not allow lawyers to receive commission. Because of this stipulation, we act as neutral parties during the transaction, so you can rest assured that our only priority is making sure you fully comprehend the details of your purchase. We will not attempt to persuade you or talk you out of buying a piece of property; instead, we will only explain the details to you and let you make your own informed decisions.

    Additionally, as your real estate agent is not permitted to draft the necessary paperwork for the transaction, such as the deed, riders to the contract, financing contingency, and others, we can handle the preparation of these documents for you. Also, unlike a broker, we have the ability to handle modifications or the canceling of a contract, should issues arise on your end.

    Our services are competitively priced*.

    Shawn Bolger Ltd Offers High-Quality Representation For Real Estate Buyers In Crystal Lake. If You Are Considering Purchasing A Property, Contact Our Office At 847-584-1800 To Schedule A Free Consultation With A Seasoned Real Estate Attorney.

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