Outstanding Legal Guidance For Real Estate Buyers In Oak Brook

If you are about to buy a home or other property, you are also about to make a large financial step. Don’t cut corners and rely on the internet to help you with the real estate purchase; instead, work with a skilled real estate attorney who understands the intricacies of these transactions. The attorneys at Shawn Bolger Ltd have worked with real estate buyers for over three decades, so we have the experience necessary to help you purchase your property with the confidence and security you need.


    Why Working With A Real Estate Attorney Is A Wise Idea
    Unlike real estate agents and brokers who are paid on commission, attorneys are not allowed to receive compensation in such a manner. Our objectivity is a tremendous asset to you during the purchasing process, as our only motivation is to make sure you are fully informed about the details of the transaction. We will not attempt to influence your decision-making process, as we will simply serve as an impartial party to help you understand the nuances of the paperwork and documents you are signing.

    We are happy to handle the drafting of the important documents involved in the purchase of your new property, including the deed, riders to the contract, financing contingency, as well as other relevant paperwork. Remember, real estate agents are unable to draft such documents. Also, we will take care of any issues, should they arise, such as canceling or modifying a contract.

    Our services are reasonably and competitively priced.

    Shawn Bolger Ltd Gives Trusted Guidance To Real Estate Buyers In Oak Brook. If You Are About To Buy Property, Call Our Office At 847-584-1800 To Schedule A Free Consultation With A Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney.

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