Oak Brook is an affluent suburb of Chicago and is located in DuPage County and Cook County, Illinois. The population is approximately 8,000 residents. It is known for its wealthy residents and for its location for many corporate headquarters, including McDonald’s (formerly), Ace Hardware, Lions Clubs International, and CenterPoint Properties.

A Brief History

Before being renamed to Oak Brook, the village was called Fullersburg after early settler Ben Fuller. The town was incorporated as Oak Brook in 1958 after a major push from resident Paul Butler. Butler’s father had lived in the area since 1898, maintaining a successful dairy farm. Butler’s influence can still be seen today, as his Oak Brook Sports Core, featuring polo fields, a golf course, and swimming and tennis facilities, continues to be the lifeblood of the small suburb. The golf course was previously the venue for the Western Open Tournament.


The Oak Brook Historical Society was founded in 1975 to preserve the memory and architecture of the early village.


Famous faces from Oak Brook include Ty Warner, the founder of the Ty toy company; Stanley Cup winner and NHL star Chris Chelios; acclaimed thespian and auteur Taj Tarsha; and notorious gangster Frank Calabrese, Sr.

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