Real Estate Contract Attorney Near Elmhurst, IL

Elmhurst, Il, is found in DuPage County at only 22 minutes far apart from Chicago (if you drive non-stop), it’s considered a western Chicago suburb and home to Elmhurst College (Scheduled to change its name to Elmhurst University, in the year 2020). The population of Elmhurst is approximately 46,000 residents and its total area is 10,306 square miles. So, in general, Elmhurst’s proximity to the city of Chicago makes it an attractive target for real estate investment, but if you’re going to think about a future real estate transaction in this city, it’s important to keep in mind how complicated this type of investment can become and what kind of help can you use.

The complexity of real estate transactions fails to be counted as a big secret to anyone. Either buying or selling, it’s a huge financial step for both parties involved, with consequences that may prove unwelcome for any individual if carried out incorrectly. One of the many parts that make the whole estate transaction process so convoluted, with many twists and turns along its path, are real estate contracts. If you’re a buyer, either a first-timer or a long-standing veteran, and are considering purchasing a property in the Elmhurst area, chances are that you’re going to need a real estate contract attorney for the essential advice.

What’s A Real Estate Contract?

A real estate contract is a legal agreement between the buyer and seller for the real estate transaction. In Illinois, like in many other states, it’s a mandatory part of the process and can prove to be difficult to navigate. Without an experienced real estate attorney, vital components of the contract can be missed, which in turn can cause a cascade of further problems.

The basic real estate contract covers the fundamental points of the transaction process. This includes the agreed price of the property, offer deadline expiration date, fees associated with the sale of a property, such as property tax payments. Beyond that, the contract may incorporate the projected date of sale closing, and the agreed amount of the ‘earnest money’ deposit.

Missing any of these key points can prove beyond damaging to the entire process, hence the reason why is wise to have the trustworthy legal advice of a real estate contract attorney.

You Deserve The Best Legal Representation

As a client, you need and deserve the best legal representation that’s out there. The Shawn Bolger team will offer you over 30 years of experience, and a dedication towards any estate transactions. Property assets are at the heart of our business, and thanks to our legal competence, we can find practical and innovative solutions for any potential concerns or disputes. We understand that real estate contracts can prove to be a source of stress and worry for anyone, which is exactly why we keep client satisfaction as our priority.

When it comes to Shawn Bolger, we not only reach your expectations but exceed them. If you’re a potential buyer in the Elmhurst area, chances are that you’re going to need an attorney to represent you, and help you through the real estate contract process. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Real Estate Contract Attorney Near Elmhurst, IL