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Proven Representation For Chicago Real Estate Buyers

Unlike many states, Illinois does not require you to retain a real estate lawyer during the course of buying a property.

However, we cannot recommend it enough. Many buyers believe they can interpret complicated documents themselves and with the help of the internet, but they can’t anticipate what they don’t know. There simply is no substitute for formal training and decades of experience negotiating real estate transactions.


    The Value Of Working With A Real Estate Lawyer
    The state of Illinois does not permit attorneys to be paid on commission like real estate agents and brokers. This means we are an impartial and objective party to the transaction whose only interest is in ensuring our clients understand what they are buying. There is simply no benefit to persuading or dissuading you to make a purchase or keeping you in the dark about anything. Furthermore, your or your real estate agent cannot legally draft the documents you’ll need throughout the process, including the deed, riders to the contract, attorney approval letters, contract amendments, financing contingency, and more. A broker also cannot cancel a contract if something changes on your end, such as a loan denial.
    Our services are competitively priced.
    Residential purchases are always a flat fee.

    Shawn Bolger Ltd provides principled representation and counsel for real estate buyers in Chicago, Oak Brook, Franklin Park, and McHenry. If you need help closing on a property, contact our friendly office today at (855) 316-8045 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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