Whether you are considering selling your home for a new chapter in life, or whether you are excited to start looking for a new home filled with new memories, you may be wondering just why and when to hire a real estate attorney.
While some sellers and buyers hope for a quick and easy process in finding their dream home, many come across bumps and hurdles on the road wishing they had help along the way. Although a real estate attorney is not required to be present at closings under Illinois law, hiring a real estate attorney will ensure a fair transaction, transparent title transfer, and an experienced professional who can protect your rights and fight your battles.


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Hiring A Real Estate Attorney Can Save You Money

As the housing market continues to boom in the city of Chicago and its many charming residential neighborhoods and nearby suburbs, sellers and buyers are looking for efficient real estate attorneys who can save them money and ensure that the deal is fair. When glancing through the pages and pages of contract material that the realtor prepares, it is easy to become frustrated and confused. A real estate attorney can request necessary modifications in the contract and fully explain the content to their clients to make sure that the deal matches their clients’ desires and expectations.
So, it’s always important to reach out to a real estate attorney before you, as the buyer or seller, agree to purchase or sell your home as these contracts typically provide for a quick 5-day contract modification period.

Save Time With A Professional Representation Of A Real Estate Attorney
As buying a home is arguably one of the most important moments of your life, both seller and buyer have immense responsibility and obligations that must be met before closing that may take days, or even weeks without adequate help and professional supervision.
As your lawyer, a real estate attorney will ensure there is productive communication between buyers and sellers, as well as with City of Chicago officials, banks, title companies, and homeowner associations which would save you precious time and countless headaches.
Save Your Purchase Or Selling Real Estate Transaction!

In a real estate transaction, there are a myriad of parts that could fail and go wrong that may cause the deal to fall through in the end. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will ensure deadlines are not missed, home inspection problems are not forgotten, and negotiations are conducted with fairness and transparency.
One of the most crucial roles that attorneys also play in closing and negotiation is the incredibly important role of ensuring a smooth and successful passing of title from seller to buyer. Although it is a seemingly simple process, if there are any lurking impediments to a full title, your lawyer will identify this right away and work with the seller or buyer and title company to resolve any hidden issues. Real estate attorneys will work tirelessly with title companies to ensure that their clients possess full title to the property to eradicate any possibilities of confusion or litigation in years to come.

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When it comes to real estate transactions, they’re unmistakably anything but straightforward. Our experienced team at Shawn Bolger Limited is here to help through every important step in the process, whether it is walking buyers through complex contract language, arranging fair negotiations, and ensuring your closing and title transfer runs as smoothly as possible. Contact Shawn Bolger LTD at 847-584-1800 and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced real estate attorneys.

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