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The necessity of including an experienced real estate closing attorney in your sale or purchasing plans cannot be overstated. After all, anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction knows the inherent complexities associated with buying and selling real estate can be overwhelming to even the savviest investor. And there is no part of these transactions that can overwhelm more than closing a real estate purchase or sale transaction.

The excellent news is Shawn Bolger LTD specializes in every aspect of real estate law in the greater Chicago area, including real estate closings. Our team of legal experts has real estate legal experience our fellow Chicagoans have greatly benefited from for nearly four decades. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and talented real estate attorneys who are fully equipped to successfully advise, guide, and represent your best interests in every aspect of the real estate closing process.

How Can A Shawn Bolger Real Estate Closing Attorney Help?

We hear this question a lot and it’s an important distinction. As the name suggests, a real estate closing attorney specializes in every legal detail inherent in closing a real estate transaction. While every transaction is different and comes with its own unique closing challenges, most real estate closings include, but are not limited to, details such as:

  • Producing All Legally Required Mortgage Term Documentation
  • Planning All Required Financial Obligations For All Parties
  • Procuring All Insurance Policies For Title and Property
  • Deed Preparation
  • Legal Title Certification

As anyone who has been involved in a real estate closing can attest, the amount of paperwork involved in the process can be daunting. Having an experienced and trustworthy closing attorney on your team brings a much-needed peace of mind throughout the closing process. Knowing your interests are completely covered by your closing attorney’s expertise can be as valuable as the property itself especially if the property involved in the transaction has intrinsic complexities, such as a residential property real estate transaction.

Closing On Residential Property

While commercial property transactions do come with their own unique closing challenges, there are entirely different complexities found in most residential real estate closings. It is of the utmost importance that an experienced real estate closing attorney is involved from the beginning of any residential real estate transaction planning to ensure no unexpected surprises await once the closing process begins.
When closing a residential real estate transaction, there are several important factors an experienced real estate closing attorney will be fully prepared to handle on behalf of their client(s) successfully:

  • Preparing a full closing strategy for the residential property. Closing requirements can suddenly and drastically change based on many variables such as the property purchaser’s plans to demolish or upgrade existing structures. A closing attorney will know precisely how to strategize the property closing around all contingencies.
  • Navigating any unforeseen obstacles or issues with the property. Nearly all property closings have unexpected complications when the closing process begins. But those surprises can quickly reach deal-breaking levels without a closing attorney on your team. Having a knowledgeable and experienced closing attorney on your side can save you far more than just money.
  • Negotiating with and managing third parties. One common frustration within residential property transactions comes in the form of the varying priorities of third parties. Without an experienced closing attorney involved in the residential real estate closing process, the delays and obstructions often caused by third parties can derail a transaction fairly quickly. Adding a closing attorney will guarantee successful navigation of these potential transactional hazards.
  • Closing chaos management. Finally, the closing attorney will be on hand to protect their client’s interests when the tsunami of certificates, permits, licenses, and insurance paperwork starts to pile up during the closing process (just to name a few). Sure, you could handle all these details yourself, or you could invest in the peace of mind that comes from having your closing attorney handle the paperwork details for you.
We Provide Professional Real Estate Closing Representation

Whether you’re buying or selling residential real estate in the greater Chicago area, experienced real estate investors know the value of professional real estate representation. From planning to closing, Shawn Bolger Ltd. is fully equipped to fully represent your property purchasing or selling interests with their 30+ years of real estate law and brokerage knowledge and expertise. Our real estate legal team is fully prepared to put our wealth of real estate legal experience to work for you. Schedule your free consultation by calling the Shawn Bolger Law Firm at 855-316-8045 or visit us online today.

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