A suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights lies about 25 miles northwest of the city’s downtown, its history dating back to 1835. The village only incorporated its name in 1887 and began a journey of establishing itself as a fairly small and neighborly community. It’s home to the Arlington Park Race Track and boasts an impressive collection in the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.
It’s no wonder that you might be looking to buy, sell, or lease a property in this area – and if you do, it might be wise to start looking for good-natured advice from an experienced real estate lawyer near Arlington Heights.


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    The Shawn Bolger team has a history of representing real estate buyers and sellers in the greater Chicago area since 1984 – and with over 30 years of experience, we can proudly stand as the best that real estate attorneys have to offer. Fundamentally, our entire work ethos and values can be summed up to one factor – client satisfaction. Whatever help you need to navigate these twists and turns on the path to a successful transaction, we’ll be here every step along the way to make the whole process smooth.

    Protect Your Real Estate Financial Decision

    Whether you might be a buyer or a seller – a first-timer, or a veteran to the real estate business – it’s undeniable that it’s a crucial financial decision. Moreover, the impact of this transaction will affect you for years, making it even more important for you to consider the best options possible. You’re going to need the advice and counsel of real estate attorneys, of those with extensive experience to truly help you along the way.
    It’s only fair that for a financial step as important as this, you get to receive the affordable legal representation that you need and deserve – which is exactly why the Shawn Bolger team is here. Led by attorney Shawn Bolger, we can promise to remain objective when giving you advice, to ensure that any decisions undertaken will be done so in your very best interests. We’ll be more than happy to handle the complex parts of the process, so the transaction will be smooth, and won’t be a cause for any stress or worry.

    Law Firm With Expertise & Dedication

    In short, few real estate lawyers can offer you the expertise and dedication of the attorneys that make up the Shawn Bolger team. We pride ourselves on finding practical and innovative solutions to any disputes, as well as meeting all of our client’s objectives in a realistic and professional manner.
    At Shawn Bolger, we’ll not only meet your expectations but exceed them. So, if you’re a potential buyer or seller in the Arlington Heights area, don’t hesitate to give us a call 847-584-1800.
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