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Franklin Park – home to a neighborly community, the stunning view of Schiller Woods, and a convenient ten-minute drive away from the Cernan Earth and Space Center.
Franklin Park is an incorporated village in Illinois’ Cook County and is considered a suburb of Chicago. Approximately 20,000 people call Franklin Park home. The village occupies 4.77 square miles of land, none of which is water.

A Brief History

Though the area of Franklin Park was occupied by native Americans forever, the area became a settlement community around 1816. Alexander Robinson and Claude La Framboise were key players in the Treaty of St. Louis, which established the Indian Boundary Line through what is now Franklin Park and nearby River Grove.
The town grew considerably in the 1840s and 1850s when a large influx of German settlers arrived, fleeing military conscription. Town family names include the Kirchhoffs, Martens, and Schierhorns, whose descendants continue to populate the village today. The town was officially incorporated in 1892 after the railroad was extended into the area in the previous decade.

Franklin Park Today

These days, Franklin Park is home to over 1,000 businesses and nearly 20,000 residents. In 2005, Fox NEws Chicago, AM voted Franklin Park’s Grand Stand Pizza the Best Thin Crust in Chicago. Famous faces from Franklin Park include former MLB general manager Ned Colletti and NFL coach and Super Bowl champion, Mike Shanahan.


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