As one of Chicago’s leading real estate law firms, we listen to clients with concerns about the need or not to hire a real estate property lawyer services and fully understand the why of their questions. After all, if you are selling or buying a real estate property, it’s supposed to be an investment that generates profits at no extra cost, right? Why would anyone add the extra expense of hiring a property lawyer on top of the normal costs associated with selling or buying real estate?
Well, the short answer is fairly simple: an experienced real estate lawyer can actually save you money in the long run.

Real Estate Property Lawyer Assisting In Complicated Real Estate Transactions

Anyone who has ever bought or sold real estate can testify to this truth: real estate transactions are complicated. In fact, it doesn’t take too many real estate transactions to learn just how complicated they can be; and those are the normal transactions. Toss in the countless variables and challenges that typically accompany most residential or commercial real estate transactions and you can lose a lot more than money by the time the dotted lines are signed.
That is why experienced real estate investors understand the importance of a knowledgeable and experienced real estate lawyer when selling or buying property. With all of the unexpected twists and turns that can quickly turn a real estate sale into a nightmare, adding a real estate attorney to your team is a guarantee that your interests will be protected throughout the transaction. Our team of real estate lawyers is fully equipped with everything you need to fully represent, advise, and protect you throughout the sale of your property.
Shawn Bolger Advocating Commitment

One of the primary functions of the Shawn Bolger team is to assist property investors, sellers, or buyers in creating and reviewing all the paperwork used in the transaction. From drafting the contracts and reviewing the mortgage, title, and transfer documents, to writing the deed and examining the final settlement breakdown at closing, Shaw Bolger Ltd has you covered. While there are online services that can provide sellers with boilerplate forms, the devil is in the details. The unfortunate truth is many sellers often discover the value of having an experienced real estate counselor representing their interests only after they have lost money on the transaction.

Another important reason to add Shawn Bolger Ltd to your team is our expert legal counsel and representation for extenuating circumstances that could delay or even stop the real estate transaction. These circumstances can be anything from selling on behalf of a deceased owner who left no living trust or negotiating a short sell to avoid foreclosure, to selling property while going through a divorce. If the property has any involuntary liens or judgments on the title, you will definitely need Shawn Bolger’s team of legal experts to aid you in clearing up the title and successfully negotiate with creditors. The list of challenges that requires legal counsel in a real estate transaction is lengthy. But with Shawn Bolger Ltd at your side, you can navigate all of the pitfalls that litter the real estate landscape with total peace of mind.

Our 30+ Years Of Experience Guarantee Your Peace Of Mind

Selling real estate is often an overwhelming process with an incalculable amount of details that require expertise that can only be found with a team of legal experts. Shawn Bolger and her team have over three decades of representing Chicagoans’ real estate selling needs and they are ready to put their knowledge and experience to work for you. For more information on the benefits of adding a real estate property lawyer to your team of representatives, contact Shawn Bolger LTD at 855-316-8045 and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced real estate attorneys.
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