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Whether you are buying or selling a property, you are making a major financial decision that could impact your overall financial health for many years to come. A real estate transaction lawyer can assist you with documents that are intricate, lengthy, and difficult for the layperson to understand. Fortunately, we have a background in both real estate brokerage and law and have spent over 30 years decoding agreements for our clients.

We offer flat-rate services for our residential clients for purchases. Our commercial services are a bit more varied but are also affordable and transparent.


    Chicago Real Estate Buyers

    When you commit to buying a home or property, you are pledging a huge sum of money. Before you sign or spend anything, it is crucial you understand exactly what you are getting and who is responsible for what. For example, the current owners said they would fix the roof, but do you have that in writing? We can advise you throughout the negotiation process and will be there to evaluate all documents prior to signing.

    Chicago Real Estate Sellers

    If you are selling your home or property, you deserve to be paid the appropriate amount for what your property is worth. Potential buyers may try to wear you down or invent problems in order for you to reduce your asking price. We can help you enter and complete the transaction in such a way that you get what you deserve and favorable payment terms. Before you sign anything, retain an experienced and capable real estate closing lawyer.

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    Real estate transactions have no time to skimp on the quality of your legal representation. With so much time, effort, and expenses on the line, it is important you pay careful attention to all aspects of the impending deal. A real estate transaction lawyer from Shawn Bolger Ltd will review and analyze long and complex documents on your behalf so you can rest easy knowing you know exactly what you are getting.

    Shawn Bolger Ltd provides exceptional legal representation to both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. If you are in need of real estate services in Chicago, Oak Brook, Franklin Park, or McHenry contact our office today at (847) 584-1800 to schedule your complimentary consultation with an esteemed attorney.

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