Dedicated Real Estate Attorney Helping Property Sellers In Crystal Lake

Working with a trusted and experienced real estate attorney while you are selling your property is a wise idea. Although some people choose to forego the assistance of an attorney, it is highly recommended that you have a seasoned legal professional by your side to help you avoid complications and errors during the process. The attorneys at Shawn Bolger Ltd have worked with many Crystal Lake sellers over their 30 years in business, and we are happy to offer our vast experience to you.


    Handling Disclosures

    When you are selling a property, you need to disclose information about your property to those who are interested in purchasing it. If you are wondering about what aspects you need to disclose, our firm is here to help you understand your obligations. Together, we will make sure you avoid inadvertently withholding crucial information from potential buyers during the negotiation process. Make sure you are going about your real estate sale properly by letting us advise you each step of the way.

    Help When You Need It

    A knowledgeable member of our legal team will go over the purchase agreement with you so that you can complete the sale with confidence. We will also help you navigate potential issues during the transactional process, such as addressing a lien against your property you recently discovered. As we finalize the sale of your property, we will handle the drafting of all the required documents, such as the deed, any amendments to the agreement, riders to the contract, among others, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to know your sale will be finalized swiftly and effectively*.

    Commercial rates may vary but are always transparent and affordable.

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