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Lake Zurich is a beautiful residential community that houses individuals of above-average wealth and contains unique, historical, and brand-new residential housing as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, salons, bars, and theatres that keep the community vibrant and appealing to visitors and residents alike. Lake Zurich is easily accessible from U.S. Route 12 and attracts nature lovers to its many forest preserves and parks, as well as retirees who enjoy a sunset over a lake, and young families looking for a spacious and fun-filled town.

A Brief History

Located just 37 miles northwest of Chicago and easily accessible to Interstates 90, 290, and 355, the Village of Lake Zurich is an established suburban community of approximately 20,000 residents. It boasts of a beautiful lake, its own namesake, completely contained in the midst of the village that was first settled in the 1830s by early European pioneers. George Ela, after whom the Ela township is named, and Seth Paine established commercial ventures in the blossoming town and attracted New England farmers, German immigrants, and more settlers of European descent.

Perfect Suburban Town And Lakeside Retreat

Prospective buyers and renters have been attracted to Lake Zurich for its vibrant downtown life featuring affordable yet delicious restaurants such as Consume Gastropub and even an ever-growing whiskey distillery. However, not many nearby suburbs can beat the extensive park system that displays Lake Zurich’s brilliance for its many lakes, forests, and gardens, such as Breezewald Park, Paulus Park, and Cuba Marsh Forest.
For young professionals seeking to commute to downtown Chicago, Lake Zurich is closely situated to its neighboring grandiose sister suburb of Barrington that has a Union Pacific Northwest Metra station that arrives in the Loop area of downtown Chicago in under an hour.


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